Lucas is taken to the police station where he is clearly under suspicion. He tells the truth about the night Robbo died but is aware his story sounds crazy. While the police investigate Lucas’s ‘mystery man’, he goes home to face the music.

Vanessa is gutted that Lucas was gambling again and didn’t tell her, while Sonya and Toadie are devastated that he let Toadie think he may have been responsible for Robbo’s death. When Mason hears about Lucas’s story, he tells Paul, who realises that Marty was probably the man who killed Robbo…

Callum and Josie’s bond grows, and Sonya invites her to stay for dinner. Both teens are rapt, but Josie returns to the house with news – she can’t see Callum anymore.

Callum is hurt and blames Bailey for interfering in their friendship. Bailey denies this and though Callum remains confused about the situation with Josie, a thaw begins between him and Bailey.