Lucas keeps his worries from Vanessa

Lucas seems to want to ignore his health problems but Karl resorts to tough talk to make him come to an appointment to discuss the latest medical reports. Vanessa is worried because they have to make alternative living arrangements but Lucas surprises her with the news that he’s rented Susan’s apartment for them. Vanessa is over the moon and they move in immediately. Lucas, meanwhile, reveals to Lou that he’s going to propose to Vanessa but, with Patrick being released early and Vanessa’s happy home-making, the time never seems right.

Kate recruits Rani to help her clear out Priya’s office at the school in the hope it will give her another insight into her mother. Rani finds her mother’s journal and Kate encourages her to keep it and read it. When Kate reports this to Ajay, however, he’s deeply worried, revealing that Priya wrote it during their marriage counselling. At home, Rani reads the journal and learns just how powerfully her mother loved her and, when Ajay arrives, she reveals that it’s dismissed her doubts about her mother’s love.

Also, Lucas makes his appointment with Karl but the news isn’t good – it’s testicular cancer. Now they need to do more tests to see if the cancer has spread. If it has, it could be terminal…