Ben is in a desperate state about Jordan’s injuries and Minty realises that Ben is responsible for them. Jordan is in hospital in an induced coma and a desperate Lucas prays for his son’s recovery. Ben sends a text to Jordan’s phone from Shirley‘s phone saying simply ‘sorry’. The police want to speak to Jordan when he comes round. Lucas and Denise realise that Jordan’s injuries are no accident.

Leon is kicking his heels in the cafe and when Whitney asks him to help out with some more t-shirts he’s relieved to have something to do. Leon confesses to Whitney that he’s squatting in Ian’s flat, but there’s no electricity. Whitney confides in Leon about her fears that she’ll lose Billie. Leon thinks Billie is an idiot for leaving Whitney and he kisses her.

A pregnant Stacey is feeling suffocated as her family fuss about her working on the stall. Mo finds an inflatable chair for Stacey to rest her legs, but Stacey’s not impressed. Stacey is frustrated when Becca, Mo and Jean order a fry up at lunch time and buy her a salad. Stacey grabs a knife and takes her frustrations out on the inflatable chair!

Also, Ryan flirts with Stacey in an attempt to win the bet.

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