Lucas leaves Trina to die

Lucas waits outside the summerhouse listening to Trina inside gasping for help. Trina manages to grab her phone and gets through to Denise, but she doesn’t have the strength to say anything.

Trina goes quiet and Lucas calmly goes into the shed and checks to see if Trina is dead then he places a needle by Trina’s body and grabs his money and returns to Denise. Jordan is upset that Trina hasn’t called him.

Bianca prepares for Ricky’s welcome home party and confesses to Whitney that she wants Ricky back. Ricky calls to say he’s on his way and reveals he has a surprise. Bianca is angry when she discovers that Ricky has gone straight to the Vic instead of coming home and she storms over to confront him. Bianca lays into Ricky, but is stunned when she looks round to see Ricky’s first wife, Phil’s sister Sam Mitchell!

Mo secretly tails Orlenda and films her on her mobile when she sees her meeting up a mysterious man. Charlie confronts Orlenda after Mo shows him the footage and she confesses that she was all set to scam Charlie, but she couldn’t do it because he’s too nice. Orlenda returns the money she borrowed from Charlie and packs her bags and leaves Walford.

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