Libby is upset to hear that Lucas has been betting on how long she and Dan will stay together and confronts him, accusing him of breaking his promise not to play games. Feigning complete sincerity, Lucas denies he is meddling and explains he’s staying in Erinsborough for his own reasons. Libby grudgingly accepts this and Lucas is privately thrilled that his efforts to sabotage the relationship seem to be working.

Karl is dubious that Nicola will come clean to the hospital about the illegal blood test, but Miranda is adamant that her sister fully intends to do the right thing. Nicola finally tells the disciplinary board the truth and Miranda provides her sister with a positive character statement.

Having acquired his licence, Declan plans to drive to the airport to meet Bridget on her return from Sydney. But a text message from her suggesting she’d rather he stay away prompts him to convince himself she is about to dump him. But when Bridget finally arrives, he is stunned to hear that she is ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Also, Ringo admits he fancies Donna.