Lucas offends Vanessa

Lucas tells Lou about his news but Lou warns him to be wary of Vanessa’s intentions. Then, when Lucas meets with her, he immediately questions whether the child is his, insulting Vanessa, who insists she wants nothing further to do with him and storms off.

Sonya talks to Vanessa and is so shocked that she’d conceived after one brief encounter that she feels her and Toadie’s attempts at parenthood are futile. Jade convinces her to be there for Lucas but he only ends up taking his frustrations out on her. Fed up with her struggle to conceive and the toll it’s taking on her family, Sonya decides to put an end to her baby dream.

Kate has had enough of the early starts at Harold’s and applies for a job waitressing at Charlie’s, only to discover that Tash is going for it, too They both get a trial for the afternoon and Kate seems to be the obvious winner, but Tash tells her she desperately needs the job and asks her to back out.

Kate is ready to do so until she starts to think that Tash is trying to get one over on her, so vows to continue fighting. At the end of the shift, manager Celeste still can’t decide and offers them both a two-week trial.