Lucas picks a fight with Geoff

Tension is high between Tony and Lucas as Lucas tries to apologise for lying to him about the dinghy. But Tony isn’t ready to trust him. Later, Lucas spots a nervous Annie and Geoff getting a tour of the school and angrily confronts Geoff about grassing him up to his dad. He’s so furious he punches Geoff prompting Sally to insist he tutors Annie as punishment, and help her with her learning difficulties.

Later, when Lucas lashes out at Geoff yet again, concerned Sally sits him down and asks what the problem is. Will Lucas reveal the truth about Tony and Naomi’s relationship?

While Rachel is determined to make her marriage work, she can’t stop thinking about Hugh, so she’s stunned when Martha reveals that Hugh requested she not pass on her forwarding address. Meanwhile, Kim is attempting to make the hardest decision of his life. Does he want a future with Rachel, or with Kit and Archie?

Later, Rachel organises a romantic night at home for Kim, unaware he has just discovered that Kit has taken Archie and left the Bay.

Also, Tony finds comfort in a casual relationship with a woman he met at the bar, much to Jack’s shock.