Having made his shocking discovery, Dan breaks the news to Lucas. Unable to face the terrible truth that his gambling problem may have led to Bridget’s death, Lucas denies that the footage of Johnno lurking near the Parker car proves anything.

Dan’s suspicions are soon aroused when Lucas decides to go on an overseas holiday with Elle as soon as possible. Elle is swept up in Lucas’ apparently romantic gesture but Dan soon realises his brother is about to go on the run and forcefully confronts him. Dan urges him not to be a coward and insists he must stay and face this. Guilt ridden, Lucas finally confesses all to Elle.

Envious of Libby and Ben’s motherly bond, Callum readily accepts an invitation from Kate and Sophie for a sleepover. Drawn to Kate’s mothering, Callum makes an excuse to visit her again and after glimpsing her sewing skills, convinces her to make him a wrestling outfit. Kate’s happy to oblige but Sophie’s nose is put out of joint by Kate’s bond with her friend and Harry suggests that Callum has a crush on Kate.

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