Lucas panics when Patrick reveals he’s off to clean out Charlie’s summerhouse and asks him to hand out church flyers instead. Lucas finds out that Charlie gave the job to Jordan and Abi instead. Lucas hotfoots it to the allotments in time to see the children opening the shed. Abi screams as a swarm of bluebottles buzz out and she and Jordan flee in terror.

Janine is miffed when Ryan makes it clear that their night together was a one-off and, in revenge, she shows Chelsea that Ryan has her stolen money. Chelsea is furious and tells Lucas. Ryan is rattled when Lucas threatens to kill him if he goes near Chelsea again, and he returns the money.

Amira plans a leaving party for Bradley and Syd, although Bradley still hasn’t told his plans to his family. The guests play a game where two people go into a room and pick a true story about one of them while the other players have to guess who the story relates to. Devious Lucy fixes it for Bradley and Stacey to be picked.

Also, Sam’s bail is set for 250k; Peter lies to Jay that he has slept with Lauren; Christian is angry to discover that Syed’s been making excuses not to sleep with him.

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