With their house on the market, Lucas assures Vanessa he’ll find them a home, but has difficulty finding anything suitable on the rental market. Paul suggests he buys their house and, after getting over his fears of settling down, Lucas sees it’s a possibility. Vanessa, however, isn’t impressed with the idea – she has her own plans. Sonya recognises Lucas’s disappointment and suspects he had hopes of becoming closer to Vanessa, and when it looks as if Vanessa’s going to move out on her own Lucas realises he feels more for her than he previously thought.

Sophie suggests to Paul that Kate moves in with them and, though Paul thinks she’ll want to fend for herself, he eventually makes the offer. Kate is hesitant at first, believing it could lead to more family strife, but she soon starts to think that family is probably what she needs right now and accepts.

Paul continues with his scheme to push Susan out of the editor’s job and asks Zoe to come up with a new plan. She impresses him with her speed of delivery, but her involvement with his family is starting to annoy him.