Lucas proposes to Vanessa

Vanessa admits that she knows Lucas told Steph about his cancer before he told her and Lucas apologises. Vanessa tells Sonya that she’s concerned because she discovered the engagement ring but there’s been no proposal. Sonya encourages Lucas to do something to show Vanessa how much he loves her and he proposes. A thrilled Vanessa accepts. When Steph finds out, she seems fine with it.

Amber is feeling down about the twitter war so Chris asks her out to see a night of romantic comedies at the Community Centre. On their way they are spotted by two girls and Chris pretends he and Amber are a couple. Later, Chris gives Amber a farewell kiss.

Georgia is getting along with Chris but is still awkward around Kyle. Sheila thinks Kyle needs to find out if Georgia’s interested in him, and suggests he give her the gift he bought for her birthday. Kyle drops over the present but is confronted by the sight of Pete and Georgia in the pool together.

Misreading the situation, he leaves. Keen to correct the misunderstanding, Georgia invites Kyle out to the university ball. But Georgia’s day deteriorates when some drugs then go missing from the medical cabinet, which is Georgia’s responsibility.