Jordan tells Chelsea that it’s his mum’s birthday and they head out to Trina’s tree to leave a birthday card and plant a candle. Lucas sees them near the tree and hurries out to see what they’re up to. Lucas tries to convince Jordan to come to the church instead. Chelsea disagrees and has an argument with her father and Jordan gets upset.

Ben confesses to Phil that Jordan is bullying him. A drunk Phil loses patience with Ben and tells him to fight back. Denise forces the two families to call a truce and encourages the boys to work together on a project at the Arches. Ben cuts his hand and Jordan teases him when he cries. Ben picks up a spanner and advances menacingly towards him…

Stacey has a send-off at the Vic before starting her maternity leave. Jean takes a photo of Stacey with her friends and family, but Stacey tenses when Ryan joins them. Max comforts a teary Stacey when she confesses she is missing Bradley. Later, Janine makes a cheeky bet with Ryan and says she’ll do the washing up if he can get a kiss from Stacey…

Also, Danny tells Glenda he wants out of her plan.

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