Elle decides to bury her concern for Paul and instead she invests in her relationship with Lucas. However, Lucas is fully aware that she is hiding something from him. Meanwhile Susan is equally suspicious and digs for information, bringing her together with Lucas. When Lucas learns of Paul’s dark past, he pushes Elle to find out the truth about Jill.

Steve is devastated when he finds out that Miranda spent the night with someone else. He is even more upset when he finds out who it was. However, it’s not long before Miranda realises that her old flame, Dean, hasn’t changed and is still afraid of commitment. It suddenly dawns on Miranda that she has made an absolutely terrible mistake.

Steph delivers Toadie a new draft of the play complete with changes. Steph has made her character younger, more savvy and exciting. Suppressing his concerns about the new ideas for the sake of their friendship, Toadie decides to make a few cosmetic changes of his own.

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