Lucas continues to enjoy being single but he’s forced to question his life choices when he recognises himself in one of Chris and Summer’s letters in the dating advice column. He’s furious when he finds out Chris had provided the story but Vanessa, who also features in it, isn’t bothered. Neither is she judgemental about his dating, believing he should do whatever makes him happy. After some soul searching, Lucas decides to grow up a bit and chooses to focus on his impending fatherhood.

Summer tries to apologise to Tash for flirting with Andrew, admitting she lost it when she thought she wanted to get back together with him. Tash accepts, insisting Summer only thinks she’s in love with him and telling her she needs to move on. Summer realises Tash is right and tries to do just that.

Caught in the middle of his friends’ problems yet again, Chris feels his own problems are ignored and tries to use the dating column to make it clear that he’s hurt, too.