Lucas reaches out to Vanessa

Lucas overhears Rhys berating him for not being with Vanessa in her time of need and finally makes an attempt to reach out to her. But when Vanessa learns what Rhys has done she lashes out at the doctor for daring to interfere. When she quickly forgives him, Rhys becomes intrigued by the new woman in town.

Sophie and Toadie head out for a night on the town, leaving Callum to his own devices. While his parents are away, he invites Rani and Sophie over to watch a movie but, determined to be the most important friend in the group, Sophie continues to drive a wedge between the other two friends. However, when Callum confronts Rani about her odd behaviour, they both realise Sophie’s been playing them against each other and they’re determined to get their own back.

While enjoying their evening out, Toadie and Sonya decide to embrace their freedom and plan for a holiday in Europe.