Lucas rejects Elle

Lucas tries to rise above Elle’s malicious stunt of sending the Buck’s Night to a casino. When he confronts Elle she reveals she overheard him blaming her for his gambling problem. When Lucas maintains that suburban life with Elle triggered his problem, it’s like a knife through her heart.

Lucas has a sudden realisation when Dan takes Elle to task over her casino stunt and he finally admits that the problem is all his. Reconciliation seems inevitable but Elle’s rocked when Lucas claims he needs space to heal and rejects her. With the last of her heart and her dignity squashed, how will Elle react?

Unsettled by Kate’s harsh assessment of fathers who abandon their families, Sophie starts asking questions about her own father. Kate refuses to talk about it and after some advice from Toadie, Sophie goes to Harry who is more willing to talk.

Although he’s expressed anger at their Dad in the past, Harry points to the fact that he sent Christmas presents for them every eyar, and for that reason, he can’t have been all bad. But Kate reacts angrily and Donna is the one to finally uncover that their father wasn’t the decent guy Harry remembers.

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