Lucas reveals Steph’s secret

After the accident, everyone gathers around Steph to make sure that she’s alright. Luckily, both her and Lucas escaped unharmed. However, a hurt Lucas reveals the shock news at the hospital that Steph and Toadie are expecting a baby. Steph immediately panics, and as she’s caught off-guard, she messes up their pre-prepared cover story and tells everyone that she’s only just found out about her pregnancy. Everyone is shocked.

Toadie doesn’t know what Steph has said, so he goes about telling Libby an entirely different story, saying that they’ve known for weeks. Libby is suspicious. What is it that they’re hiding? Then Callum finds out the shocking news from Kate, making him feel even more left out of the loop than he did before, and Lyn is upset about how even her own daughter wouldn’t tell her what has been going on.

Meanwhile, Lou finally returns from visiting Lauren, and all of the Ramsay kids are excited to see him. But a lot’s changed since Lou’s left. Kate has become the guardian of Harry and Sophie, and she seems so grown-up and capable. The little family seem to have survived just fine without Lou, so where exactly does he now fit in?

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