The residents of the Robinson household awaken to find Donna has run away. A note she has left explains she wants to make it up to Elle for James’ fraud. Ringo tries hard to find her but it appears nobody knows where she could be, but Lucas helps him remember a clue. With new information leading to a country pub, Ringo invites Elle to come with them but finds himself caught in the middle of her and Lucas’ constant feuding.

With some good luck, they find Donna but she makes it clear she will not give up her chase for James. Can they convince her to come home?

Paul decides to take legal action against Lyn for not sticking to her side of the deal to leave town. Toadie tells him to forget about the case because it is too thin and he wont be able to win it. Toadie warns Steph and Lyn that Paul is on the warpath, but accidentally reveals to Steph the true amount Lyn was paid by Paul to leave town. In an effort to get Steph to trust her again, Lyn promises she will return the money before she turns up on Paul’s doorstep with a threat of her own.