Lucas, Mattie and Ric wake to find the storm has subsided, unaware that Drew and Belle are stuck on the edge of the cliff, unable to climb to safety. As they leave camp, Lucas hears Drew’s cries for help and sees them helpless on the ledge. Lucas lowers a rope to Belle, and with Ric’s help manages to get Drew to safety too.

Later, Lucas arrives home to find a letter has arrived informing him he’s won first prize in the writing competition. But he throws the letter away after remembering it was Belle who entered him in the contest. Tony is astonished to find the letter in the bin and tells Lucas to do the right thing for himself, instead of being bitter over Belle. Lucas calls the competition board and accepts his prize – a place at writer’s camp.

Kelli is shocked when her mum Kitty arrives from London, and tells her to keep her mouth shut about her unresolved anger towards Amanda, lying that she has had extensive counselling to deal with her issues toward her sister.

But Kitty’s suspicious when she sees Kelli with Ethan and is gobsmacked when she overhears Kelli on the phone to Ethan discussing plans to ruin Amanda’s big day.

*Screened on RTE One, Wednesday June 13*

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