Lucas saves Elle

Elle and Donna are involved in an accident when Elle’s new car plunges off the road. When Lucas comes to the scene he pulls Elle from the car before it explodes. In her concussed state, Elle reveals exactly how she feels about her rescuer, much to her embarrassment later. Elle blames Donna for the accident, but Lucas suspects Elle was sold a dangerous car in a dodgy deal and sets out to prove it.

Ringo checks out a new car and takes Zeke along to investigate. Both boys fall in love with the car but Ringo can’t afford it so Zeke offers to help him with some savings he has stashed away. Little do they know they are just about to be taken for a ride similar to Elle’s and the reckless boys plunge all their savings into a dream that is not what it seems.

Dan and Libby visit Ben in hospital to seek his approval for their marriage. But gradually, Libby and Dan realise they have radically different ideas about the big day. And Karl has his own solutions to the dilemma.

Also, Donna rejects Ringo when he shows concern for her welfare.

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