Lucas starts to resent Geoff

With Tony coaching the school rugby team, and Geoff the star player, Lucas is resentful that Geoff seems to have replaced him in his dad’s affections. Lucas tries to compete, but gets injured trying to tackle Geoff.

Brad learns that Naomi has changed her story – she’s now saying she told Brad everything about her relationship with Lucas, and Brad did nothing about it. Knowing that if the department accept Naomi’s version of events, it would inevitable mean the end of his career, Brad meets Naomi.

Brad learns she’s changed her story because she needs a good outcome from the inquiry, and there’s no way she’s going to tell the truth. She tells Brad to either back her story or she’ll tell Sally some nasty truths about Brad that would shock Sally. What will Brad decide?

Brad drives Alf to Yabbi Creek for his eye test but later, Ric gets a call from the surgery saying he never turned up. Ric convinces Alf to go back to the doctor who confirms Alf has early stage glaucoma but his real problem is cataracts and they are treatable through an operation.

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