Libby is upset when Chelsea suggests they sort through Denise‘s belongings and accuses Chelsea of having her eye on Denise’s things. Meanwhile, Denise is still locked in the cellar with Lucas and she asks him if he’s going to kill her. Lucas is shaken when Denise accuses him of twisting the Bible’s words to suit his own purposes and says she can’t believe she ever loved him. Lucas takes Bible class and struggles to hide his fragile state of mind.

Max has walked in on Darren in the nude in the aftermath of Jodie doing a runner. Darren asks Max if everything looks normal, but Max doesn’t want to look! Max finds Jodie and tells her that she treated Darren badly. Jodie returns and apologises. She explains her boyfriends have been Jewish and she’s not used to an uncircumcised man!

Peggy feels humiliated when Glenda boasts about opening a new boutique with Ronnie and Roxy. Meanwhile, Pat refuses to babysit for a demanding Bianca and they row. Pat heads to the Vic to get some space and she and Peggy share their family frustrations over a bottle of wine. Pat returns home and tells a stunned Bianca and Ricky that she’s moving in with Peggy for a bit.

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