Lucas supports Sonya

Having bumped into Sonya while on her date with Doug, Libby is worried that she is not coping with the news that Toadie is going to be a dad and has fallen back into her old gambling ways. Libby enlists Lucas to step in and help. He tries to get through to Sonya, but she refuses to put a stop to her wild ways. Feeling he has no other option to save his friend, Lucas decides to stick by her side no matter where she goes. What kind of trouble will these two get into?

Feeling herself getting attached to the idea of Nick being her dad, Donna insists on a DNA test. But will Nick agree? And what about her other possible dad?

Steph’s anxieties grow as both Lyn and Libby flock to the hospital for her latest check-up with Dr Harris. Worried that he might unwittingly give something away, Steph makes Dr Harris promise not to speak to any of her support network without her consent. Meanwhile, she encourages Libby to pursue her hot date, unaware that they are dealing with the same man.

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