Lucas surprises Elle with the news that he’s accepted the NY News job on her behalf and this time he’s coming with her. Elle’s thrilled but worries about leaving Donna at a difficult time. Lucas also has second thoughts when Dan points out he’ll have no support network in New York and is at risk of gambling again. Despite their doubts, Elle and Lucas agree to make it work and the celebrations begin – until Elle gets a call from the NY News which changes everything…

Lyn has had enough of living with Lou. She is irritated by his constant presence in Harold’s Store, even though it would solve many of her business problems if she re-hired him. Lou’s had enough of Lyn as well, and even though he’d like to work at the store again, he couldn’t handle working under Lyn’s authority. Knowing that they’re both too proud to admit they need each other, Toadie and Steph cook up a scheme to get Lou and Lyn working together again.

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