Lucas takes the law into his own hands

Lucas, weighed down by guilt, investigates his local Gambler’s Anonymous meeting, but can’t bring himself to admit that he needs help. Meanwhile, Elle, determined to take revenge, ensures that her damning article on Lucas is published, despite her editor’s orders to back off. When the story runs, Declan publicly turns on Lucas, and then on Elle for not telling him what was going on before he read it in the paper.

Lucas goes to the police and tips them off to Johnno’s whereabouts, but to everyone’s amazement Johnno walks free as there’s not enough evidence to charge him. Declan decides to take matters into his own hands.

Ringo struggles with his biology homework.  No matter how hard he tries, the information just doesn’t stick in his head and he begins to worry that he hasn’t got what it takes to be a paramedic. Even when Karl and Sunny try to help it doesn’t work but when Ringo helps assemble a set of bookshelves without reading the instructions, Karl has an idea. Ringo might be a different type of learner and decides to test Ringo on his visual learning skills. Could this be the way to keep Ringo’s career alive?

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