Lucas teases Elle

Elle buys tickets for her and Lucas to go to the Winter Cool Music Festival, not realising that the festival is in the middle of nowhere and they’ll have to camp. Undaunted, Elle buys up half a camping store and Lucas teases her – betting that she can’t put up her high tech tent in the suggested five minutes.

Elle loses the bet and when Lucas continues to taunt her she storms out. Encouraged by Rebecca to stand up for herself, Elle finds a contrite Lucas waiting for her in the tent. The relationship seems back on track – for now.

Steph is confused by the intensity of her reaction to news that Ben wants to change his name. After accusing Libby of denying Drew’s legacy, their relationship becomes awkward. Toadie doesn’t help by suggesting to Steph that perhaps she’s still harbouring jealousy about Drew choosing Libby.

Steph soon finds herself caught up in Steve’s plans for organising a romantic night with Miranda, and Lucas’s dilemmas about Elle. But while her advice and practical help offer the Parkers and Lucas some romantic solutions, Steph soon realises her reaction to Libby is down to one simple fact: she’s lonely.

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