Lucas tells Denise his grisly secret

Lucas watches from the bedroom window as the police forensic team cordon off the gardens. Denise finds Lucas praying and he blurts out to her that he killed Owen and he’s going on the run. Denise begs Lucas not to leave her and she tells him she won’t let Owen ruin her life yet again. Lucas agrees to sit tight. When DI Kelly tells them about finding Owen’s body they pretend to be shocked.

Glenda asks Ronnie what she was going to tell her before Peggy interrupted. Ronnie lies that she can’t remember, the moment gone. Roxy lets Glenda babysit Amy and Peggy is jealous when Glenda and the girls share a close moment. Peggy lies to Roxy that she heard Glenda badmouthing Archie to Amy and Roxy throws Glenda out.

Pat tells Ryan that Janine really cares for him and she’s been holed up in the flat with the curtains closed since Ryan walked out on her. Ryan is worried about Janine and goes to check on her. Ryan is stunned to find the flat in a complete state and Janine is curled up in his bed under the duvet.

Also, Leon confesses to Zsa Zsa that his mum died in a car crash.

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