Steph decides that she needs to return to work at the garage. Toadie asks if it’s a good idea for her to work so closely with Lucas, but Steph believes she can handle it. Toadie offers to help pay some of Steph’s bills so she doesn’t have to work, but she assures him that he’s done more than enough already. However, Lucas isn’t going to make it easy for her. They soon clash, and Steph is forced to stand up to him. But what she hasn’t bargained on was letting her guard down. Will Lucas see through her deception?

Zeke scans his laptop for new files and discovers that there are two partial files he can’t access. He sends a text to Mia so they can meet at Harold’s in half an hour. Karl walks in and proudly displays the Erinsborough News – his little rant to PirateNet about the state of the hospital yesterday scored him the front page.

Susan compliments the photo of Mia and Zeke on the laptop and approves of how supportive Mia was at the hospital. Later, Zeke confronts Mia about the mysterious files on his computer. She offers an excuse – but will he buy it?

Also, Karl’s test results are in and he has the all clear.

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