Lucas turns on Denise!

*Hour-long special*

Denise is released without charge. Lucas confesses to Denise that he watched Trina die and did nothing to save her. Lucas asks Denise to accompany him to the police station to confess everything but as Lucas and Denise drive off it’s clear Lucas has a different destination in mind. Lucas takes Denise to the canal and tells her he’s going to baptise her. Denise tries to make a run for it but Lucas starts to choke Denise and she goes limp in his arms…

Peggy and Glenda make Ronnie choose between their ideas for a birthday treat – a family dinner or a trip to a theatre. Ronnie flips a coin and plumps for Peggy’s dinner. Ronnie visits Jack in hospital. Jack tells Ronnie he’s learning to walk again but when he tries to show her his legs crumple under him.

Phil and Peggy talk to Richie Scott about Ben’s court case. Richie warns them it’s likely that Ben will probably be sent down for six weeks and Phil harasses Jordan about grassing up Ben. Later, Ben’s embarrassed when Phil finds him doing karaoke with the Fowlers. Jane warns Phil to be more supportive of Ben and he and Ben have a chat.

Also, Minty evicts Darren for ruining their World Cup tickets.

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