Lucas wants to attend Vanessa’s scan

When Vanessa mentions that she’s having her first ultrasound for the baby that afternoon, Lucas starts to realise he wants to be more than a bystander on the road to fatherhood. Rather than ask her if he can come along, however, Lucas offers her a lift, which Vanessa politely refuses. Assuming she doesn’t want him there, Lucas resigns himself to stepping back until Susan prompts him to think about what he wants. To Vanessa’s surprise he suddenly turns up at the waiting room asking to attend and she’s happy to let him come along.

Summer learns that Red Cotton has been signed by a record label and realises what Andrew has lost to protect her from Griffin. To help him along she arranges a photo shoot and article for Karl to promote his band but Andrew sees them and isn’t pleased he wasn’t consulted. Eventually, however, Andrew sees that Summer’s intentions were honourable and decides to join in.

Rhys continues to chase Vanessa despite Lucas’s warnings and the situation becomes complicated when Rhys has to fill in for Vanessa’s doctor at the ultrasound.