Lucas reveals that the police think Denise killed Owen and committed suicide from the guilt. DI Kelly arrives with another police officer and a warrant to search the Truemans’. Lucas plays it cool when DI Kelly reveals they suspect Denise may have had an accomplice. Lucas lies to Patrick that Denise came to him after killing Owen and he helped her cover it up. A stunned Patrick agrees to keep the secret for the sake of the children.

Christian can’t cover a catering booking and suggests the Masoods take care of it instead. Syed uses the booking as an excuse to visit Christian. Syed tells a stunned Christian that he’s been cured of his gay feelings, but it’s soon clear that things are not as they seem. Later, Syed breaks down on Tamwar and confesses he can’t stop himself from loving Christian.

Shirley tries to teach Ben some prison lingo to prepare him for Juvenile Detention. Phil thinks Ben needs to toughen up and he organises a boxing match between Ben and Jay. Ben is hopeless and Jay batters him. Ian is horrified to find Ben with his face bloodied and bruised. Ian tries to convince Ben to stay the night with him, but Ben wants to be with his dad.

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