Lucas won’t give up on Emelia

Michael and Emilia hold off on telling Lucas about their relationship, eager to enjoy the calm before the storm. But when he mistakenly gets the impression that Emilia’s sticking around Erinsborough for him, Lucas remains hopeful of a romantic reunion. Meanwhile, Michael and Emelia are enjoying an afternoon together when Lucas calls by. Startled, Michael does a good job of covering up what’s going on, but just as he’s leaving, Lucas looks through the window and witnesses them kissing.

Despite Toadie’s protests, Sonya insists they abstain from trying until after his fertility test. Willing to attempt anything to increase their chances of conceiving, she coaxes him into taking part in a Wiccan fertility ritual with the promise of a treat. Toadie misinterprets what she has in mind and struggles through the ritual but, when the time comes to collect his reward, he discovers they’ve got their wires crossed.

Kate’s guilt is piqued when she suspects her challenge to Rhys is ultimately to blame for the rift between Jade and Kyle. Determined to do the right thing, Kate steps up and gets them back together – but can’t help feeling she’s got the raw end of the deal.