Lucy arranges to meet ‘Cindy’!

Lucy tells a stunned Peter that their supposedly dead mum Cindy has been emailing her and she’s arranged to meet her. When Lucy goes missing, a frightened Peter is forced to admit to Jane and Ian that Lucy is planning to meet Cindy. Ian catches up with Lucy, who is insistent that Cindy has been contacting her and is behind the pranks. Cindy fails to appear and Ian convinces Lucy to return home.

Phil gets drunk in the Vic and Peggy feels helpless to stop him. Shirley worries about Phil and offers to take him home. Shirley offers Phil a drink, but she keeps on the tap water, worried about what he may do. Phil tries to kiss Shirley but she pulls away after a moment of temptation. She warns him to sort himself out or lose his kid, but Phil has already passed out on the sofa.

Jase worries that Jay is having trouble with his studies and he has the bright idea of roping clever Libby in to help him. Jay has the same idea and Libby is smug to feel so needed.

Also, Patrick avoids the Vic when Sean goes drinking in there.

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