Lauren is invited to a surprise party at the pub for Jay to celebrate him finishing his community service. Knowing that Joey is already annoyed with her, Lauren is firm with Abi that she won’t be drinking. When Lucy offers to get Lauren a drink, she asks for an orange juice, but Lucy slyly orders Lauren something stronger. As Lauren becomes increasingly drunk, Joey finally loses it and finishes with her, leaving Lucy smug.

Max follows a furious Kirsty as she storms back to the B&B. Knowing exactly what she’ll do, Max takes the bag she’s packed for him and sets off, with Kirsty following just as he expected. When Kirsty catches up with Max, she finds him inside a flat, looking triumphant. Max tells a delighted Kirsty that it’s their new home.

Kane suggests that if Liam changes his statement, he’ll be let off the hook. Standing up to Kane, Liam refuses, and Kane becomes menacing. Bianca bursts in, grabs Kane, and throws him down. Carol and Masood rush in to help. As Kane is taken away by the police, Bianca realises that Liam would be safer with Ricky for the time being and they say a tearful goodbye.

Also, Michael makes Janine sit through a parent-and-toddler group, knowing she won’t be able to bear it!