Lucy challenges Paul

It’s the eve of Paul’s 50th birthday, but in addition to Sophie and Harry, Elle and Andrew both call to say they can’t make it. Though hurt, Paul tells Kate and Lucy that the family will be reunited soon enough. It all makes sense when Lucy learns that Paul has offered the management of the hotel to Elle and Andrew. Lucy warns Paul that his offer will be perceived as an attempt to control his loved ones and she’s right when Elle and Andrew turn him down.

Lucy challenges Paul to admit that his problem was the fact that she became his superior. She urges him to put his resentment aside and at least hire Terese back as manager. Paul reluctantly asks Terese to take her old job back.

In the wake of Mason’s romantic declaration, Imogen gives Terese an edited version of her dilemma. She admits that her issue with Mason is that he wasn’t attentive following their first kiss and instead focused on Kate. She also reveals that there’s another guy in her orbit, but doesn’t share any details about Isaac.

Meanwhile, Mason acknowledges the same issue to Bailey and vows not to give up on Imogen. Surprising her at the nursery the next morning, he pleads his case, but Imogen remains wary.