Lucy is determined to prove that Mandy is playing Ian. Mandy knows Lucy has photos of her at the pawn shop and lies to Ian she pawned a ring to repay her debt. Lucy’s furious that Ian bought the lie. She finds a bank transfer from Mandy to an ‘L Stevens’ in Mandy’s bag then triumphantly hands it to Ian. Mandy is horrified when Lucy reveals she’s texted ‘L’ and invited whoever it is to Walford.

Bianca opens a final demand gas bill and worries where the money will come from. Bianca finds Carol in the Vic wearing a new top and is angry. An embarrassed Carol is forced to confess the top is from the charity shop. Ray is given food for thought when Alfie points out how rough things have been for Bianca. Ray gives a grateful Bianca 300 pounds for the family.

Max is increasingly frustrated with Tanya as he fights his lust for Roxy. Max is distracted when Roxy sends him a text, but he doesn’t reply to it. Roxy turns up at the car lot and says she’s sick of waiting for him to call her. Later, Max secretly calls Roxy while he’s in the pub with Cora and Tanya. Roxy is thrilled with the games.