Lucy finds out about cheating Joey

Lauren persuades Whitney to tell Lucy about Joey’s kiss. When an upset Lucy consults Alice about Joey’s past girlfriends, Alice tries to reassure her. Later, Lucy confronts Joey in front of Lauren and Whitney, who can’t help feeling a little hurt when Joey insists the kiss meant nothing. An angry Lucy tells Joey to find somewhere else to sleep for the night.

Sharon is shocked by Phil’s suggestion that she pretends to be his girlfriend, refusing to lie to social services. After Ben’s murder charge is dropped to manslaughter, Phil clutches at straws, suggesting to Jimmie if Lola marries Ben it would make them look like a proper family. Lola is horrified when Phil tells her he’s arranged to see Ben and tell him that he’s Lexi’s father, begging him not to tell Ben about Lexi.

Cora gets Jack to help her track down Rainie after Tanya insists she wants her to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. Cora takes along a bridesmaid dress as she nervously waits for Rainie at a rendezvous. Rainie’s sponsor Olivia turns up with a letter from Rainie that says she’s doing well but needs to stay away from Cora to stay on track. A gutted Cora rips up the letter – and the bridesmaid dress.