Christian is intrigued that Amira and Syed are having bedroom problems and flirtatiously mentions it to Syed. Christian is put out when Syed angrily insists he’s a happily married man. Christian gives Amira deliberately bad advice on seducing Syed and she runs to Christian when Syed rejects her. Christian drops Syed and Amira’s flat keys. Lucy finds them and lets herself into the empty flat and paints ‘Syed loves Christian’ on the bedroom wall.

Jack won’t speak to Dot or Max. Dot asks Ronnie to visit Jack and try to get him to open up, but Ronnie isn’t interested. Max is distraught about his brother and Ronnie has pause for thought. Ronnie visits Jack in hospital, but she’s upset to find Chelsea sitting at his bedside.

Ben tells Phil that the holiday club is cancelled and he insists on looking after Louise. Ben spends the day trying to avoid his bullies. Louise encourages Ben to dress up as Lady Gaga and do a dance for her and Shirley. Phil walks in on them and is furious to see his son dressed as a girl. Phil tells a reluctant Ben that he wants him to give football another go.

Also, Zsa Zsa gets her own back on Fatboy.

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