Lucy has a shocking proposition for Chris

Lucy suggests she and Chris babysit Nell and the pair end up having a ball bonding over stories of heartbreak. Singing Chris’s praises to Sonya, Lucy presses her for more information about him. The reason for her questioning is later revealed when Lucy asks Chris if he would like to be the father of her baby.

When Imogen learns Amber might be moving into the penthouse, she doles out some tough love to her former best friend. Knowing Imogen’s right, Amber tells Daniel she doesn’t want to mess up their relationship by moving too fast. Disappointed, Daniel’s confused when Paul insists he should learn from past mistakes. But Daniel insists there is no such thing when it comes to love – and from the glimpse of his love tattoo, dedicated to an old girlfriend, we get the feeling he has a very interesting past…

When Toadie learns Sheila is running a bet on who wrote ‘The Book Of Secrets’ he puts his knowledge to good use and places a bet on Karl. Annoyed when he learns Toadie stands to make a fortune, Karl coerces Susan into placing a counter-bet. However, Susan’s bet makes Sheila suspicious and Karl is forced to reveal his true identity as the mystery writer.