Lucy is confronted by a furious Max, who accuses her of blackmailing him. When it’s clear she has no idea about the emailed picture, Max backs off. Upset that Lee has thrown her over for Whitney, Lucy gets his attention, taking him to the restaurant. Jake spots the couple as they passionately kiss. When Lee tells Lucy she’s beautiful she breaks down, revealing how insecure she is.

Ian and Jane feel guilty when a newspaper reporter thinks they’re still married. After vowing to make more effort with their other halves, Ian apologises to Denise for taking her for granted, while Jane plans an Easter getaway with Masood. When Cindy overhears Ian making out to the reporter that Lucy is a golden girl, she snidely suggests Ian take a look in Lucy’s jewellery box. Opening it up, Ian is stunned to find a bag of cocaine.

Mick’s keen to get Stan to help more around the house and asks Les Coker to goad him into it. There’s only a few more days before Lee’s due to return to the army, so Mick wants to make the most of it. Meanwhile, encouraged by Mick to follow through with her ideas for the Vic, Nancy organises a pool competition.