Lucy is hiding a secret

Lucy drops out of a family portrait organised by Ian, along with the rest of family after Ian insults them. Denise is particularly hurt when Ian prioritises Jane over her. Lucy spends time with Max, who thinks she should give Ian a break, and she encourages everyone to go to the shoot after all. Lucy has a spat with Cindy, who is clearly keeping some kind of secret for her…

Mick is wary of Stan, sure that he’s trying to come between Mick and his kids. When the family find Stan washing his bed sheets they think he’s had an accident in the night, not believing Stan when he insists Lady Di was sick on his bed. Humiliated when he finds a plastic sheet on the bed, Stan demands Mick takes him home. Later, Stan answers the door to find grandson Dean!

Ronnie and Roxy are looking forward to moving into their new house when Ronnie finds out that the deal has been held up. Wanting to make things up to Roxy, who is still annoyed at her for being rude to Aleks, Ronnie invites Aleks for a dinner. Ronnie is throwing a family get-together to make amends to Lola for nearly killing her.