Lucy leaves Leon in the dark

Lucy suggests that the girls and Leon to skip the party and build a campfire in the woods. Zsa Zsa plays a trick on Leon to scare him and he runs off. The girls return to the cottage without Leon. Lucy heads back out and finds Leon. Lucy tries to kiss him, but he rejects her and she runs off leaving him without a torch.

Fat Boy’s best mate Mercy is in Albert Square and she and Billie go to Hampshire to find the gang. Fat Boy is delighted when Mercy arrives at the party. The gang have to do a runner after Peter is threatened by a thug. Peter offers to drive the van as Fat Boy has been drinking. Meanwhile, Leon makes his way in the dark and stumbles into the road. Peter isn’t concentrating and there’s a sickening thud…

Pat goes with Peggy to the breast clinic to get her lump checked out. The ladies return to Albert Square relieved as Peggy is given the all clear. Peggy phones Harvey to tell him that she’s free to go to the theatre. A panicking Harvey lies that he doesn’t have the tickets any more, so Peggy calls the theatre to book a ticket herself.

Also, Bianca does well at the appeal hearing.

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