Lucy can’t resist winding up Danny when he begs her not to tell Janine that he’s squatting at her property. When Janine pits Danny and Lucy against each other for commission, Lucy steals Danny’s contact book to secure a lettings deal. Although annoyed, Danny is also impressed by Lucy’s initiative. Lucy’s guilt is piqued when Danny’s obviously worried about his money troubles. Splitting her commission with Danny, she flirtatiously suggests they work as a team.

Alice still can’t get Janine to forgive her. Struggling with all the lies, Alice breaks up with Tamwar, frustrating Michael who worries she’ll make Janine suspicious. When Alice tries to get back together with Tamwar as per Michael’s instructions, Tamwar isn’t interested. Hearing Sharon criticising Janine’s parenting skills, Alice sticks up for Janine and is triumphant when an exhausted Janine asks her to look after Scarlett.

Whitney takes on some of Ava’s teaching responsibilities when Ava has a day off. Knowing Dennis is a troublemaker, Whitney warns him to keep in line. When a devious Dennis falls over in the playground, scratching his arm, he makes a big deal of it in front of Sharon. Whitney is shocked when Sharon accuses her of assaulting Dennis, threatening she’ll never work with children again!