Ian has found out that Olly has been lying to Lucy and he has a plan to put an end to Lucy’s fascination with the ‘bad boy’. Ian finds Olly’s address and invites Olly and his mother for dinner and Lucy is left speechless when Olly turns up with his very posh mum Camilla! Lucy is furious that Olly’s been lying about his background and she ends it with a sheepish Olly. Ian is relieved.

Stacey is furious when she discovers that Bradley has told Max they are planning to start a family. An insincere Max apologises to Bradley for causing problems. Max gives Bradley an early birthday card with a ‘little something’ inside. Bradley is expecting a 50-pound note, but he and Stacey are stunned when they open the card to find a cheque for £40k.

Suzy tells Phil that she needs to turn the gold bar into cash and she asks him whether he can help her with his ‘contacts’. Suzy offers herself in return for the favour, but Phil also wants a percentage and a disgruntled Suzy is forced to let him have 15 per cent of the money!

Also, Ian’s furious when the Masoods set up a curry stall in the market; Jane arranges a mystery date.

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