Lucy Robinson is back to help Terese

Lucy Robinson has flown in from Singapore to help sort out the on-going feud between Paul and Terese. She also learns that Paul never gave Lauren a heads up about Brad and Terese moving back and is given a frosty reception by Lauren. Lucy tells Paul to give Terese support she needs as manager or he’s out. To Lucy’s surprise, Paul calls her bluff – he’s leaving the franchise. 

Sonya offers to baby-sit Elliott while Jacob goes to a meeting with his lawyer to sort out his wife’s estate. But Jacob forgets to put the brake on his pram and it almost careens into Lassiters Lake. Shaken, Sonya tries to reassure Jacob and he’s grateful for her continuing support, though Toadie is starting to think he’s taking advantage of her good nature. Later, Jacob comes to their home, but instead of picking up baby Elliott, he hands Sonya supplies and takes off. 

Amber tells Lauren that Joshua kissed Ruby. But Lauren explains that sometimes life isn’t black and white. Amber finds Josh and Ruby doing a photo shoot. Ruby assures Amber she’s not interested in Josh but she does question whether Amber will be able to handle all the attention Josh is going to be getting from female fans.