Lucy ruins Lauren’s date with Peter

Lauren gets ready for her date with Peter at Scarlett’s. Tanya had banked on a lunch date and she and Max are worried about Lauren being tempted by booze. At the restaurant, Lauren sips cranberry juice, until Lucy walks in with Joey to wind her up. Lauren’s soon on the vodka then heads to the club alone. When Joey won’t serve her, Lauren flirts with a group of guys for a drink, later disappearing into a cab with a stranger.

Bianca’s unsettled by Carl’s interest in the residents of Walford. Carl explains Derek looked out for him in prison. After Bianca reveals Ian built himself up from nothing in a year to open the restaurant, Carl visits Ian. He menacingly reveals he knows about the missing £10k and he wants £500 a week from Ian for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, Kirsty tells Kat she was engaged to Carl and he’s bad news.

Michael feels bad when Kat has a go at him for telling Tommy that he’s his father and he offers to tell Alfie what’s happened. When Michael confesses, Alfie is gutted, as he wanted to tell Tommy himself. Michael explains that now he’s lost Scarlett, he can’t bear both his children growing up not knowing him.