Lucy sneaks off with Craig

In the square Ian is excited about his ‘New-look No 45’ party until Jane points out that his banner says ‘the most happening praty in town’?!

The doctor gives Patrick the all-clear and he leaves hospital reluctantly. He is slightly taken aback that Ian is holding a party so soon after his attack and announces he wants to sell the shop and go back to Trinidad.

Meanwhile, Craig accidentally drops a packet of condoms in front of Ian and says they’re saved for a special someone. Lucy and Craig conspire to sneak out, but when Lucy asks Lauren to cover for her, she refuses. Lucy makes her excuses to go to her room and leaves with Craig anyway.

Carly is confused about Sean’s bloodstained T-Shirt. Will she dispose of it or hand it in to the police? Carly visits Sean and confronts him about his bloodstained shirt. Sean insists that he didn’t do it and is annoyed as he thinks Carly gave his shirt to the police.

Later, Jane goes to retrieve Lucy from her room to hear Ian’s speech and finds she’s gone. When asked whether she knows where Lucy is, Lauren divulges that she is at Craig’s, leaving Ian’s completely irate.

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