Lucy spikes Alice’s drink!

Lucy is furious that Derek has helped himself to the cafe’s money for stock that she never asked for. She’s even more annoyed when she sees Derek giving Alice money. Lucy’s determined to punish Derek so she spikes Alice’s drink at a party. Derek is horrified when he sees Alice being sick and he soon realises that Lucy is to blame.

Alfie finds out about Jean’s claim that Michael has stolen her lottery winnings and the Vic VAT money. He’s left wondering what to believe when Michael insists that Jean is delusional. Knowing what a schemer Michael is, Kat believes Jean’s story. Kat tells Roxy it’s time she left the Vic. Roxy offers Alfie a loan from Amy’s trust fund to tide him over. Meanwhile, Kat goes back to confront Michael and tells him she’ll rip him apart.

Zainab blames herself for Afia leaving, knowing that she’s been interfering. Zainab asks Masood to talk to Tamwar and see if he’s OK. Zainab listens in as Masood tells Tamwar that things will work out and uses his own relationship with Zainab as an example. Zainab is heartened to hear his words.

Also, Alfie decides to start a Queen Vic football team after Ray talks about his past as a footballer.