Lucy takes charge at Lassiters

Lucy has arrived back in Erinsborough, in the capacity of head honcho of the entire Lassiters chain. She confronts Paul about the corruption allegations, but he insists he’s being set up. Desperate to get on the front foot, Paul approaches Hotel Manager Tony, bribing him to back up his story – but Lucy sees straight through it. She insists Paul remove Tony from his position as Hotel Manager. She will appoint a replacement herself and warns Paul that his behaviour only proves he’s completely out of control. Paul is left rattled, his world spiralling out of control. 

Amber cancels her birthday party, convinced that the whole street thinks she and her family are a bunch of criminals. But Chris rallies the neighbours, who unite to throw Amber a surprise party. After the party, Amber accidentally kisses Chris on the lips – a gesture he sees as friendly. But to Amber, it seems to mean a bit more…

Kyle tries to clear Georgia’s name, knowing she’s not guilty of stealing drugs from the hospital, and keen to get his relationship with her back on track. At Amber’s party, he learns that Cassie almost bought drugs from a kid – Lachie – at school. Talking Kate into helping him, Kyle searches Lachie’s school locker, only to come up empty.