When Lucy pays a surprise visit, Karl hopes that seeing his sister will help lift Paul’s mood, but Paul isn’t interested. Meanwhile, Lucy is evasive about her reasons for returning from New York, and when Paul publicly harangues her, she bites back – leaving Paul shocked.

Brennan’s appalled when it appears a mouse has moved into his house. He orders Naomi to help with a big clean-up, but Naomi is too busy lining up Brennan as her new fling to get over Toadie. But when Brennan rejects her advances, Naomi’s ego crumbles and Toadie finds her crying at the lake. He tries to help but she rightly points out that his presence is the last thing she needs. He takes her point but offers a final word of advice – there’ll be someone else out there for her, if she just makes the right choice.

Georgia’s upset at Kyle after he carelessly called her stupid. Confused at the situation, it takes some counsel from their friends and neighbours to make both Kyle and Georgia realise the bigger issue is about communication. And once they start listening to each other, their relationship is back on track.